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English Summary

Dear Readers,

We are the most up-to-date and probably the biggest Polish website about Iceland. Our service is available in Polish.
We are the group of people who love Iceland - the most beautiful country in the world! We have organised several expeditions to Iceland which have been described on our pages. Besides you can find here news, articles and curiosities

Many Poles live in Iceland. They use our service for example to read icelandic news in Polish. In order to provide daily news, we cooperate with the people from Iceland.
This ENGLISH SUMMARY may be helpful to get information about our portal and can be also useful for no polish speaking people by giving them possibility to contact with Poles loving Iceland ("Icelandophiles").
The ICELAND.PL team provide the one and the only free Tourist Information about Iceland in Poland. Everyone is able to send us e-mail, call us or even visit our office to obtain the information about Iceland.
If you do not speak Polish, you can still use some of our service part as tourist help. You can find hotels and guesthouses in Iceland. On ICELAND.PL you can find:

  • car rental firms (Wypożyczalnie samochodów),
  • horse renatal (Jazda konna)
  • tourist info centers (Informacja turystyczna)
  • administrative division of Iceland (Podział terytorialny)
  • currency: banknotes and coins (Waluta)
  • bicycle rental (Rower)
  • Icelandic Forenames Dictionary (Księga Imion)
  • chat (Czat)

You can enter to our Forum, where you can fill registration form:

  1. click "Rejestracja" on the main page (if you are more than 13 years old, you should choose the first option: "Zgadzam Się na te warunki i mam powyżej 13 lat")
  2. "Użytkownik" (your Nick)
  3. "Hasło" (Password) and "Potwierdź hasło" (Repeat password)
  4. you can also fill the "Strona WWW" (Page WWW)
  5. "Skąd" (Where are you from?)
  6. "Zawód" (Occupation)
  7. "Zainteresowania" (Hobbies)
  8. "Podpis" (Signature)
Those are the main fields to fill. You should also change "Język forum" (Forum Language) to English. After registration you obtain e-mail with confirmation, that you have got a new account.

Our topics are as follows:

  • Islandologia = Islandology
  • Turystyka = Tourism
  • Historia, Kultura, Ludzie = History, Culture, People
  • Język = Language
  • Nauka, Praca, Pobyt stały = Education, Work, Permanent Residence
  • News
  • 4x4
  • Różne = Another topics about Iceland
  • Iceland - this is the place for discussion in English
  • Giełda = Exchange
  • Off topic
  • iceland.pl (about us)